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Fiber Laser Module for LiDAR Application

Fiber Laser Module for LiDAR Application

Amonics' high power fiber laser (ALiDAR) series offers eye-safe, single mode, linear polarized nanosecond-pulsed all fiber laser s ...

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Pre-Amp, Booster and In-line Amplifier

Pre-Amp, Booster and In-line Amplifier

Amonics’ EDFA range adopts unique design to produce maximum signal gain and saturated output power while maintaining low noise fig ...

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Waveform Analyzer

Waveform Analyzer

Amonics' optical waveform analyzer (AOWA) is the implementation of the state-of-art technology, in collaboration with a leading U ...

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Optical Fiber Sensing

Optical fiber sensing is recognized as emerging technology for numerous applications ...

  • health monitoring for civil structures
  • oil and gas temperature monitoring
  • optical current sensing and optical gas sensing

Coherent Detection

Coherent optical detection, when coupled appropriately with digital signal processing (DSP), can be applied in ...

  • high capacity fibre optic communication
  • free-space optical communication
  • optical sensing

Optical Communications

Fiber-optic communication is an advanced light transmission system through optical fiber. ...

  • advantages in long-distance
  • lower attenuation interference
  • lower interference

Our Latest Application - LiDAR

Coherent Doppler LiDAR has been proven as a powerful tool for wind sensing, three dimensional (3D) imaging, range finding and particle pollutant characterization. A laser source with excellent quality is the key requirement in LiDAR systems.

Amonics offers performance leading fiber laser with comprehensive output energy range from 10 to 150uJ (@ 200ns pulse duration). Leveraging from the telecom applications, Amonics AliDAR series fiber pulsed laser is reliable (no moving parts, long life span) and low cost, designed to work in outdoor harsh environment (wide operation temperature range, rain drop proof module case) at 24/7 operation which is the perfect tool for Coherent Doppler LiDAR applications.