Coherent Detection

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Coherent Detection

Coherent optical detection, when coupled appropriately with digital signal processing (DSP), can be applied in high capacity fibre optic communication, free-space optical communication and optical sensing. Compared with direct detection system, coherent detection offers significant improvement in receiver sensitivity by 5 to 20dB. In optical communication, this implies the distinct advantages of wider repeaters spacing, higher transmission rate and hence enhanced power budget. For free space communication and optical sensing, transmitters with substantially lower pulse energy are adequate for the purposes, which enables the adoption of eye-safe systems without elaborated safety precaution.

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Coherent Detection

In coherent detection, two or more light waves are brought to interfere. As a result, coherent detection schemes impose very rigorous requirement on the coherence length of the sources. Amonics offers high-power narrow line width fiber lasers with very low phase noise and RIN to ensure fulfillment of such requirement. Our products include:

Laser for optical sensing and free space communication

High power narrow line width laser with <10kHz line width and>10W CW operation power High energy narrow line width pulsed fiber laser with <10kHz line width and>150uJ pulse energy

Laser for high capacity communication

100kHz line width C band and L band tunable lasers and transmitters for coherent communication systems

All lasers are available in the forms of module, rackmount, and benchtop equipment.