High Power PM EDFA Compact Module

Amonics’ High Power PM EDFA compact module series offer saturated output power from 27dBm to 34dBm. It operates on a single DC power supply, is an ideal building block for OEM system integration as it comes with the essential EDFA functions to serve various purposes and the interfaces ready for system integration. Photodetection of input and output signal is included. Low of input protection is also included. Different control modes including ACC and APC are available to meet different requirements.


Saturation Output Power (at 0dBm input signal) Min. +30 dBm Min. +33 dBm Min. +34 dBm
Input Signal Level -6 to +10 dBm -6 to +10 dBm -6 to +10 dBm
Noise Figure (at 0 dBm input signal) Typ. 5.5 dB, Max. 6.0 dB Typ. 5.5 dB, Max. 6.0 dB Typ. 5.5 dB, Max. 6.0 dB
Operation Wavelength 1540 nm to 1565 nm 1540 nm to 1565 nm 1540 nm to 1565 nm
Input / Output Isolation Min. 30 dB Min. 30 dB Min. 30 dB
Polarization Extinction Ratio** Min. 20 dB, Typ. 23 dB Min. 20 dB, Typ. 23 dB Min. 20 dB, Typ. 23 dB
Control Mode ACC, APC (optional) ACC, APC (optional) ACC, APC (optional)
Power Consumption Typ. 19W, Max. 25W Typ. 31W, Max. 38W Typ. 34W, Max. 40W
* Other output power models are available upon request
** Slow axis working only

General Parameters

unit value
Operation Case Temperature °C -15 to +65
Storage Temperature °C -20 to +70
Power Supply VDC 12 ± 0.25
Dimensions mm 100(W) x 100(D) x 20(H)
Electrical Connector Molex 8 pin header (2mm pitch 1 row)
Control EDFA On/Off, Pump laser current
Optical Power Monitoring Input power, Output power
Remote Control Port DB-9 female (RS232), Control software included
Protection Pump laser (TEC) overheat, , Loss of Input Signal
Optical Connector FC/APC, FC/UPC, Bare fiber or Collimator
Optical Fiber PM 1550 Panda


Narrow bandpass ASE filtering

Ordering Information

Product Code
AEDFA-PM-aa-M-bb a
aa : Saturation output power in dBm
bb : FA for FC/APC, FC for FC/UPC, NC for bare fiber, CL for collimator

Key Features

Plug and play
RS232 interface
High output power, up to 34dBm
High gain
Low noise figure
Highly reliable and durable