Roguescope is a real-time single-shot optical spectrometer with a frame rate of up to 100 million frames per second, at least one thousand times faster than the next fastest spectrometer. The Roguescope real-time capability is enabled by Time-Stretch Dispersive Fourier Transform. The Roguescope can capture large data sets to reveal optical dynamics and rare events with high accuracy.

OPTICAL AND ELECTRICAL CHARACTERISTICS(Tamb=25℃,unless otherwise specified)

Wavelength Range 650-1000nm 1000-1650nm
Spectral Bandwidth < 650nm < 650nm
Spectral Resolution > 10pm > 10pm
Pulse Length Range 10fs to > 330ps 10fs to > 330ps
Acquisition Frame Rate Up to 100 Millions frames/sec Up to 100 Millions frames/sec
Temporal Range 330ps 330ps
Temporal Resolution > 15fs > 15fs
Pulse Complexity TBWP < 2000 TBWP < 2000
Optical Input Sensitivity 300μw 300μw
Maximum Optical Input 10mw 10mw
Intensity Accuracy 3% 3%
Input polarization Not required Not required
Input Fiber Type Single mode Fiber or PM Single mode Fiber or PM
Fiber Connector Type FC/APC FC/APC
Electrical Power Supply 90 to 270 VAC, 50/60Hz 90 to 270 VAC, 50/60Hz
Dimensions (W x H x D) and Weight 16.73' x 1.72' x 12', 8.3lbs 16.73' x 1.72' x 12', 8.3lbs


Operating System Windows 7 32-bit or 64-bit
Processor (CPU) 2GHz Processor
Memory 4GB of RAM
Storage 160GB HDD or 32GB SDD
Graphic Less than or equal to DX9
Software: The Roguescope spectrometer comes with analytics software to enable real-time capturing of large datasets and perform signal analysis. It works on major operating systems like Mac OS and Windows. The software features includes multi-device interface capability, USB compatible, multi-windows analytics, reporting and recording functions, custom skins and color settings.

Key Features

Real-time Single-shot at Extremely High Measurement Rate: > 100 Millions Frames per Second
Wide Spectral Bandwidth: 200nm – 650nm
High Spectral Resolution: > 10pm
High Sensitivity: sub-mW
Fiber-base for Rugged and Field-use