Super L-Band DWDM EDFA

As the growing demand of data transmission capacity, Amonics’ Super L-band (L++ band) DWDM Erbium-doped Fiber Amplifier (EDFA) is the ideal solution that features Super L-band operating range, i.e. 1570nm to 1625nm. The EDFA adopts the design of high-power pump laser and high-stability pump combiners, renowned for robustness in high power boosting. It provides flattened gain across the operating wavelength range and very low noise figure.

The turnkey microprocessor-controlled EDFAs provide illustrative alarms and status indicators. An integrated RS232 computer interface enables easy control, diagnostic functions and data acquisition.


AEDFA-L-SU-DWDM-21 Remarks
Composite Output Power Min. 21 dBm, Typ. 22 dBm @ input power 0 dBm
Composite Input Power -6 to +3 dBm
Optical Input Wavelength 1570 nm to 1625 nm
Optimal Optical Gain Min. 21 dB, Typ. 22 dB @ input power 0 dBm
Noise Figure Max. 7.5 dB Measured at wavelength range 1570-1620nm
Gain Flatness (peak to peak) Max. 2.0 dB
Input / Output Isolation Min. 30 dB
Polarization Dependent Gain Typ. 0.3 dB, Max. 0.5 dB
Control Mode ACC

General Parameters

unit value
Operation Temperature °C 0 to +40
Storage Temperature °C -10 to +70
Power Supply VAC 90 – 240, 47 – 63Hz
Dimensions mm 485(W) x 360(D) x 90(H)
Control Key-lock switch, optical output power
LCD Display Output power, Input power (optional), Pump laser current
Computer Interface RS232(Control software & connection cable included) / Ethernet(option)
Protection Pump laser overheat warning
Optical Connector FC/APC, FC/UPC, SC/APC, SC/UPC
Optical Fiber SMF-28

Ordering Information

Product Code
aa : Saturation output power in dBm
b: R for 19” Rackmount
cc: FA for FC/APC, FC for FC/UPC, SA for SC/APC, SC for SC/UPC

Key Features

Super L-band operating wavelength
Flattened gain
Low noise figure
Turnkey device
RS232/Ethernet interface