Femto-second Pulse EDFA

Amonics' Pulse EDFA is designed for amplifying optical short pulse to high pulse energy level. Amonics’ engineers have a lot of knowledge in designing pulse optical amplifier, especially handling the nonlinearity in optical fiber due to high pulse peak power of the optical short pulse. We can design custom pulsed EDFA for different applications, such as fiber optic sensing and free space optical sensing.Our pulse EDFA has been widely used in industrial fiber laser based Lidar systems for wind velocity detection.


Operating wavelength Typ. 1540 nm to 1560 nm Typ. 1540 nm to 1560 nm
Operating Bandwidth Typ. 1.5 nm to 6.0 nm Typ. 1.5 nm to 6.0 nm
Saturated Output Power up to (at 1mW peak input power) Typ. 50 mW to 200 mW Typ. 50 mW to 200 mW
Input average power Typ. -5 dBm to 0 dBm Typ. -5 dBm to 0 dBm
Pulse Width Typ. 100 fs to 1000 fs Typ. 100 fs to 1000 fs
Pulse Repetition Rate Typ. 10 MHz to 25 MHz Typ. 10 MHz to 25 MHz
Input / Output isolation Min. 30 dB Min. 30 dB
Polarization dependent gain Typ. 0.3, Max. 0.5dB NA
Polarization mode dispersion Typ. 0.3, Max. 0.5ps NA
Polarization Extinction Ratio NA Typ. 23 dB, Min. 20 dB
Optical Fiber SMF-28 PM 1550 Panda Fiber
Different output power models are available upon request

General Parameters

unit value
Operation Temperature °C 0 to +40
Storage Temperature °C -10 to +70
Power Supply VAC 90 – 240, 47 – 63Hz
Benchtop Dimensions mm 260(W) x 330(D) x 120(H)
Control Keylock switch, Pump laser current
LCD Display Output power, Pump laser current, Input power (Optional)
Computer Interface RS232 (Control software & connection cable included) / Ethernet (Option)
Protection Pump laser overheat warning
Optical Connector FC/APC, FC/UPC, SC/APC, SC/UPC


Chirped pulse amplification (CPA) Technology

Ordering Information

Product Code
aaa : Pulse Width in ps
bb: Repetition Rate in MHz
cc: Average Output Power in dBm
dd: FA for FC/APC, FC for FC/UPC, SA for SC/APC, SC for SC/UPC, CL for collimator, NC for bare fiber

Key Features

High output power
High gain
Wide operation range
Highly reliable and durable