Lightwave Converter

The Lightwave Converter is a high performance integrated lightwave transmitter for building digital and analog optical transmission system. Having combined a high power laser, broadband Lithium Niobate external modulator and a high speed RF driver, the transmitter can be used for testing all types of optical network, from metro to long haul. In addition to standard 10G converter, higher performance systems such as tunable wavelength laser, RZ modulation or 40G bandwidth are also available.


Lightwave Converter
Modulation Bandwidth 5 kHz to 11 GHz
Input RF voltage Min. 0.5 V peak to peak
RF S11 Return Loss Min. 10 dB
Extinction Min. 20 dB, 50 MHz or under Min. 13 dB at 10GHz
Optical Input Power Handling Max. 500 mW
Rise Time 38 ps
Fall Time 40 ps
Modulation Laser Output Power Min. 2 mW

General Parameters

unit value
Operation Temperature °C 0 to +40
Storage Temperature °C -10 to +70
Dimensions mm 260(W) x330(D x 120(H)
RF Data Input Connector SMA
Control DFB laser output power, variable gain, DC bias
Display DFB laser output power, Gain driver voltage (peak-to-peak), DC bias voltage
Optical Connector FC/APC, FC/UPC, SC/APC, SC/UPC
Optical Input Fiber Panda PM fiber
Optical Output Fiber SMF-28


Built-in tunable laser
40G modulation
Built-in EDFA

Ordering Information

Product Code
Lightwave Converter

Key Features

Variable Driver Gain Control
Automatic and Manual Bias Control
Built-in Stabilized DFB laser
Optional Built in Tunable laser
Good performance cost ratio
Highly Reliable and Durable